Ferrari Maserati Quebec is now Ferrari Quebec

In order to offer you a superior service, we made the decision to be only Ferrari and give you the full experience.

Why choose Ferrari Quebec

The configuration room allows you to touch the textiles, see the available steering wheels, test the seats… to make your shopping experience unique and memorable.

Ferrari Quebec has many certified technicians from several premium manufacturers. We have therefore established an expertise in the reconditioning of high-end used vehicles. See our inventory here

In January 2016 Ferrari Classiche embarked upon a process of improving its assistance service, aiming also to provide it in a number of selected Ferrari workshops outside Maranello.

Like Maranello, these service centres are also highly specialised and able to satisfy the owner of a classic Ferrari in every way from ordinary and extraordinary maintenance to inspection and drafting of the preparatory documents for certification.

The essential starting point of the service offered by Ferrari Classiche is the Certificate of Authenticity, only available in Maranello. The Certificate of Authenticity is for all Ferrari road cars over 20 years old and is also available for Ferrari F1, Sportscars and Sport-Prototypes, with no restrictions on the age of the car.

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